If you follow Brent Suter on social media (and if you don’t, you should), you’ll know that he is a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers on a mission to help eliminate plastic waste inside and out of the locker room. We couldn’t think of a better way to kick-off the baseball season than to partner with Brent on raising awareness for his #StrikeOutWaste campaign. He’s been encouraging teammates to use our Atlas Glass Bottle to eliminate plastic water bottles, and as a reminder for everyone to be more mindful and sustainable. Grab one and share how you are working to eliminate plastic waste with #StrikeOutWaste!


How have you been working to make the locker room a little greener? What are a few easy ways for all of us to lead more eco-friendly lives?

I indeed have been working to make the locker room a little greener, and I have launched a campaign called Strike Out Waste to encourage teammates, staff, and fans to use reusable water bottles as opposed to single use plastics. We’ve handed out 100 bottles and counting throughout our facility and many others are using their own bottle to help save plastic waste.

Reusable water bottles are a great and easy way to lead an eco-friendlier life! We’ve also changed our food containers in our team kitchen from styrofoam to biodegrable materials, which is much better for the environment. Another easy eco-friendly change is using reusable grocery bags rather than plastic bags!

You seem to effortlessly embrace both your love of baseball and the environment. How do these things coincide with one another?

Baseball and the environment are without question two of my deepest passions in this life, and have been for many years. Baseball evokes memories for me of playing the game as a kid outside with the smells of nature all around me.

A good baseball field depends on protection, care and land quality just like our environment does. But, most especially, baseball and the environment constantly remind me how connected we are to each other, with everyone at the baseball game adding to its experience just like every organism on the planet is playing its special and unique role in the ecosystem.

How has it been trying to get the team excited about sustainability?

 The support and excitement I’ve received from the team regarding Strike Out Waste and other sustainability dialogue/initiatives has been incredible. It certainly helps that our manager, Craig Counsell, and the longest tenured Brewer, Ryan Braun, care about the planet and support these causes!

What are you looking forward to the most this season? 

I’m looking forward to seeing what our special group can accomplish, as I’ve never been part of a team so talented yet so committed to each other. On a personal note, I am super excited to get healthy and get back on the mound to help the team any way I can.

Tell us about your practice/workout routine. What gear/tools do you use to help improve your daily routine?

I do a fair amount of running, agility drills, weightlifting, band/resistance exercises for my shoulder and elbow, on-field defensive drills, batting practice, and throwing to help me be the best pitcher I can be. My cleats and glove are my most important on-field items, but off the field I need compression shorts, exercising clothes, high quality training shoes, weight/resistance equipment, and of course, to stay hydrated, I ALWAYS have my Zulu reusable water bottle on me (except when I’m actually on the mound!). Seriously, that thing has become an appendage of mine the last several years!


What Zulu products do you use most often, and when/where/how do you use them?

I use my Zulu glass water bottle everywhere I go, with just about everything I do, and the only item I use more often on a day-to-day basis is my phone. I’ve tried several other water bottles throughout my professional baseball career, but I have used exclusively the Zulu glass bottle for the last several years because of its durability, its glass complexion, and the super convenience of its pop-and-lock lid. It’s just simply the best product out there!

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