Five Ways to Help Your Body (and Mind) Feel Its Best

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Feeling burnt out or just want to refresh your self care routine? Finding ways to practice self care can help relieve some of the pressure you're experiencing at work or in your personal life. When you make self care a priority, you will feel happier and better equip to manage stress. To help you along in your self care journey, we've gathered five tips to help your body (and mind) feel its very best. 

Stay Hydrated 

Staying hydrated throughout the day benefits both your physical and mental health. The goal is to aim for 64 ounces each day (which is easy to do if you have our Goals Stainless Half Gallon Water Bottle) and you're looking to get a little more scientific with the amount that's right for your body we suggest using a hydration calculator. It takes into account your weight and height to determine the right about for you. 

Moving Your Body 

The best way to feel better is to get your blood pumping for at least 30 minutes each day, whether going for a light jog or doing a dance routine via YouTube. This movement will help you release endorphins to your brain and will help you sleep better at night.  

Soak Those Muscles 

Feeling sore or extra tired? Wind down after a long day with a nice warm bath and add epsom salt to help relieve muscle soreness. And to elevate the experience even more, put on some smoothing music and grab yourself a nice cup of tea. 

Use a Foam Roller 

There are so many great benefits to using a form roller each day, especially after a workout. It decreases muscle soreness, relieves inflammation, and prevent injuries. 

Get Plenty of Sleep 

Make sure you're giving your body the rest it needs by optimizing your sleep. While the perfect amount of sleep is different for everybody, try to aim for at least eight hours each night. 

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