How to Stick to Your Goals in 2023

How to Stick to Your Goals in 2023

Everyone sets goals for the new year but many people actually keep them? It’s estimated that 80% of new year resolutions are abandoned by the first week of February. Now that we’re more than halfway through January it’s important to keep the momentum going. We’ve gathered five tips to help keep your goals on track in 2023.

Write it Down

Set aside time to write down your goals for the year. Written down goals can encourage commitment and will keep them front of mind. Also, try sticking your list in a place where you’ll see it every day. This will continue to nudge you forward in your progress.

Track Your Progress

Track your workouts and progress throughout the year using a fitness journal. By tracking how you feel each workout, you can get a better sense of where you’re at and what improvement needs to be done. This journal can also guide you in planning out your workouts. Looking back on your successes and failures can help you determine what workouts work best for you.

Goal Breakdown

Set mini-goals along the way that will help you along the way towards achieving your goal for the year. Breaking your goal into smaller achievable parts can work to keep you motivated. Achieving these smaller goals is also a great way to recognize the progress you’re making with each workout.

Be Consistent

Life can get busy and sometimes it can be hard to fit a workout in. Look at your schedule for the week and find the best times that work for you. This will help you stay on track and will help you achieve a small part of your goal each day.

Celebrate the Wins 

Stay motivated by celebrating every win, no matter how big or small! You’ve put in the hard work and deserve to be rewarded for your progress. Plus, these rewards will keep you motivated towards accomplishing your next goal.


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